What's This All About?

What's this all about? What's with this Schulman guy?

Pretty simple: I think I’ve found a safer, simpler, and more productive way to invest in stocks, and I want to be the first to recommend it. I know that sounds pretentious, but I truly believe this is the best investment plan available. And I’m not just saying it ─ I’m doing it. My family’s liquid assets are essentially all-in on Smart Beta Small-Cap Value (SBSCV) ETFs.

OK, but why the (expensive) ad?

Wall Street Journal, November 20, 2018

Wall Street Journal, November 20, 2018

On November 20, 2018, I took a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to promote the book I'm writing, “Index Investing on Steroids: Heretical Stuff That Really Works”.  The Introduction and “Grandpa’s Rules” from the book are on this website. (Will I ever finish this book? At age 85, high-speed is measured in tortoise feet per hour.) The book will recommend an all-in SBSCV strategy for the first time. I think you already know the solution to the mystery. My suggested ETFs are EES, PRFZ, EZM and RWJ. [Note to MLS - don't overplay the geriatric thing.]

Why not a business magazine or newspaper article?

Everything I’m recommending is based on known and accepted principles. If I’m doing anything original, it’s weaving many established ideas into a total investment tapestry.

There is near-universal agreement that, long-term, stocks outperform bonds, indexes outperform active managers, fees and taxes matter, ETFs are preferable to mutual funds, holding cash dampens performance, buying and selling just doesn’t work, and small-cap value is, by far, the best performing stock asset class. But taking all these factors to their logical conclusion, i.e., going all-in on Small-cap value (SVC) or Smart Beta Small-cap value (SBSCV) ETFs, would be deemed heretical (or would you prefer “way out”). So I’ll dispense with editors ─ I’ll bypass the 60% stock/40% bond dogmagogues (whose ideas seem more entrenched than the belief in God), and do it myself.

This is Grandpa’s gift to Grandpa ─ and, hopefully, to you.

Ready to learn how to get rich? Start by reading the Introduction.